Tuesday, April 26, 2011

my entire world change .. =)

first of all, the person that i always do share everythg from a until z and when im fall n going up again had far apart from me.. he is a good listener ever and also a good solver.. he always makes me hapy whenever im sad but kdg2 tu adelah gado.. beselah, bler dh far apart, mst byk je bnd yg x kene.. now dy kat GERMAN .. he: europe n me: asia ... what the heecckk? jauh sgt.. nak jmpe salu un kne lah mghadap my TATY(my lappy) 24/7 jer... but its ok.. this is how i learn to be patience and waiting is not rily hard act.. tapi aku x ske kalau mnunggu org bersiap nak g jejalan.. pantang nenek moyang aku.. tp kalau org tggu aku xper.. hee (joking).. benda yg we used to do like dating, shopping, karoke, laughing, eating, n so much more dah xsme.. skyping is not the same as we're facing sum1 we love.. mase dy awal2 kat german, aku salu cry.. sedeyh terigat2 memories yg mcm2 jnis. but bler dy salu bg support n hve some slow talk,im getting better n lame2 aku dh bleyh adapt sndri.. tapi mama n abah un salu pesan.. dy pgi sane, bukan nk njoy je but dy nak stdy for ur fture jgak. erm,betul tu.. so,dun worry SHIRA..

aku nih jnis yg kuat jelez lah jgak.. aku kalau jles sket jer ngn dy mst ktrg gaduh sket.. but ape yg sweetnyer, he won't let us fight more than 24 hours.. kalau bleyh nak solve cpt2.. xnak bia hati skit lame2 t x tng.. dy salu pesan, kalau marah kne sabar n jgn pk bukan2. tanya n siasat betul2. then bru m8 some statement.tp kdg2 bler amarah dh nek, everythg we forgot right? hehe.. sorry dear if im had hurt ur feelings so many times but you always gve me so many chance to change myself. im really glad even we're far apart but i always feels that u always near by my side and sink to my blood as it beats by heart every second in this life.. thanx 4 everythg u've done to me.. esp our memories at UM, n everywhere we go its will never fade away from my mind.. lots of luv sayang!

here, i ade sket pic that i want to share to all of u.. pic dy kat german..

that blue pashmina was mine.. i always wearing it when i feel cold. and a day b4 he fly, i gave it as bnde yg dy bleyh pakai n igt.. hehe.. tp bau tu dh jd len dah cz dy xpnh basuh.. teruk betul..
playing with his seniors...
shaf n his housemate.. apai... dorg nih dikire master chef gakla dlm rumah..tp nth sedap or x.. dy owez bgge dri bab msk2 nih.. haha
u looks matured dear.. hehe =)

again.. shaf and apai.. bincng nak masak ape.. hee

ok... now im feel sleepy.. hehe.. dah bper hari asyik tdo late coz bgun un late.. hee.. hope tomorrow will be much better. love u ahmad shafiq bin shahrom


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