Tuesday, April 26, 2011

miss my gurls.... so much!

today, i would like to share some of my photos during our last day hanging out together at klcc park b4 we ended up our studying at PASUM! even xdelah rmai sgt yg dpt join bcz of some excuses yg diterima akal, we're stil have a lot of fun here! so, here we go!

let we start by this 3 gurls.. they r bit crazy.. x sesuai ar bit.. they r too much crazy! plg syg didunia..

nih kat foyer d blok gul.. tmpt ktrg berkumpul b4 fly to klcc... flying wif train.. hee
we're pround to be pasumian.. hee.. but now homeian... huwaaa!!
disini : ila, layla, n voldermolt! oppsss =D
muka aku nmpk sgtlah xleyh blah.. terkejut jerk...
ok.. aku ngn aina mmg sgt ske berpelukan.. cz she's like mothery.. tmpt berteduh.. hehe
muke aina kne electric.. haha.. shock mcm ape.. taulah jln ngn cik abg.. hee
me n voldermolt 1! master of devil.. haha
ok.. kegedikan aku dh nmpak.. but who cares.. aku mmg gedik ngn dorg...
gg yg sgt lah hot gtu! like2 =P
3 of us..! love all of u! miss yg terlampau!!

lazly after aku pgg jggut en.kfc n gg cube korek hdung en.kfc... so fun .. at laz we all takes ths pic together! gonna miss ol of u!!! syg!syg!syg! words can't describe anythg...

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